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International Association of Special Education

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William Lazier

William Saning’a Laizer – I was born on 3rd February 1980, in Sinoni Ngarashi in Monduli village – Arusha, Tanzania. I come from a family of five members; one girl and four boys. I am the third born in the family and the only son with brittle bone syndrome standing 3 feet tall.

At the age of 6 months I was diagnosed with brittle bone syndrome (which was something very new in Tanzania). I was operated on by some medical volunteers , but my surgery failed. Again at the age of 6 years my parents recommended I go through another surgery , but I refused as it was very painful. I decided to stay the same for the rest of my life, not knowing the consequences. I received my basic primary education at the Mazoezi primary school from 1992 – 1998.

In 1999 I went to USARIVER college (Arusha) to be trained in making different types of shoes. After completing my training of being a shoemaker, I decided to employ myself in Modnuli village through the knowledge I received form the USARIVER college.

I went to Dares salaam in January 2006 and lived there while getting trained on making different things using beads (SHANGA). It was easy for me to learn bead work because I come from masai culture. I had experience in shanga making. We used to make different things using shanga for the family like decorating clothes using shanga and different jewelery.

June 2006 – 2008, I returned back in Arusha planning to employ myself on shanga activities – making different things using beads.

2009 to date, I was employed in a company called SHANGA SHANGA LTD. The company started in order to create job opportunities especially for the disabled people who can make productive things using shanga. I am now volunteering every Monday at the Jaffery Academy prevocational class for the children with mental challenges. I am now married with a wife and a son. I believe in being independent, so I travel everywhere using my crutches and where necessary I sit on a wheel chair for comfort of long hours beading work.